Caitlyn Jenner’s Surgery goes Viral

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The internet has gone wild with the news of Caitlyn Jenner getting plastic surgery transitioning from male to female. The 65-year old who was known as Bruce Jenner made her first appearance as a lady on Vanity Fair on 1st June 2015 where she shared her story with the world. Apparently, it only took eight hours for the former Olympian to complete his sex change.


a young Bruce Jenner – Olympic medal winner 

The news has received mixed reactions from different parts of the globe with some people criticizing the move while others are applauding her bold step. Her family, however, has supported her from the very beginning with her daughters Khloe, Kim, Kourtney, Kendall, and Kylie Kardashian sending congratulatory messages. The reality TV star has also set up a verified twitter account under her new name gathering over one million followers. Her first tweet read that she was finally happy after a long struggle to be living with her true self that was shared with the cover. Vital notes to pinpoint in regards to the journey include:

Types of surgeries 

During her interview, Jenner confirmed that she had not yet done genital surgery. Experts recommend that this should be done a year after the transformation though it is not clear whether Caitlyn will go ahead with it later on. There are different types of surgeries that she had to undergo for her new look and the ones that stood out included:

• Facial- feminization surgery
The facial procedure involved making changes to the jaw, chin, forehead, and hairline. According to Vanity Fair, the operation took about ten hours. It left Jenner in so much pain that she had to be on large amounts of medication.

• Breast augmentation
When Caitlyn made her debut putting on a silky white basque, you could not help but notice her new 36D breast implants. The breast implant surgery was a huge step in the transformation. A close source of Jenner said that she chose smaller implants so that she does not look ridiculous. Jenner also said that the recovery process was not difficult, but she had to sleep in a recliner during the healing stage.

Caitlyn - photo session

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• Cross- Sex hormone therapy 
The father of ten (including his step-children) who said that she would be free as soon as the Vanity Fair cover came out also had to go through hormone therapy as part of the journey. A top sex change doctor said that he could have been on heavy doses of estrogen as evidenced by a more feminine appearance, hairless physique, and enlarged breasts. Estrogen drives levels of testosterone down and the brain “feminizes” where a man starts to think like a women.

Choosing her name

One of the things that remained a mystery to the whole process was how she came up with her name. She told Vanity Fair that it was one of the most challenging decisions she had to make before coming out. She added that she had started thinking about it for more than two years. She drew inspiration while watching Miss America pageant to see if she would be interested in any of the contestants’ names. Cathy, Heather, and Caitlyn were among her favorites. She settled on Caitlyn after Rhonda her assistant also suggested the name. She opted to spell the name with a C instead of a K so as to break family tradition as well as media associations that were tied to it.

Important things to note about her new identity

Vanity Fairs cover story in June revealed that Jenner did not make the decision to become a woman overnight. Kris Jenner, the EX wife, said that he always acted feminine manicuring his nails, growing his hair long, and he also allegedly went through a tracheal shave a procedure that flattened his Adam’s apple. Below are five most valuable things you should know about the entire story.

1. Jenner always felt like a lady
At an early age of ten years, Jenner had already started showcasing a female identity. She would sneak clothes from her sisters and mothers closet, put on dresses and feel fascinated but afraid that someone else would find out. She kept the secret to herself until the early 1970s where she told Chrystie Crownover her then wife that she had always wanted to be a woman.

2. She underwent a couple of medical procedures 
During the mid to late 1980s, she had already started taking hormones that led to breast growth. She also had her body, and facial hair removed. Additionally she also underwent plastic surgery on the nose. It was only recently that she has a tracheal shave, breast augmentation, and facial feminization surgery.

3. Caitlyn did not reveal her sexual preference 
Bruce had exclusive relationships with ladies. Asked about sexual preference, Jenner said that she had no idea of what the future held. She also said that it did not matter at the moment citing that sex would be the last reason a person would go through gender transition. Bissinger also pointed out to readers that gender identity and sexual preference had nothing to do with each others.

4. Caitlyn said that she did not transition to start a reality show 
Most people thought that she was doing this to start a reality show. She insisted that this was not her intention, but she is also not naive. She claimed that she as not doing it for the money, but it was primarily to help her soul as well as other individuals out there. However, she did not have a problem making money from it as she said that she also has bills to pay. Jeff Olde E!’s head of programming also said that it was not a Kardashian spin-off.

5. Bruce was not always a “good” father 
Even though the reality show “ Keeping up with the Kardashians” portrayed him as an exemplary dad, it was not always the case. This is especially with his one daughter and three sons she had before getting married to Kris Jenner. She had abandoned her four older children missing out on crucial milestones like the birth of her daughter, birthdays, and graduations. His kids, however, showed empathy when interviewed despite their pain.