What You Should Expect from Liposuction

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Liposuction is a surgical procedure for removing fat from human body. During this procedure, thin and small tubes are inserted through little incisions on your skin. Through these pipes, fat is suctioned out when the doctor moves the tubes around under your skin. The doctor will move the tubes to target fat deposits.

Effects of Liposuction on Appearance

Usually, Liposuction is highly effective for removing fat deposits from small areas. However, if you don’t eat a healthy diet and regain weight, fat deposits may return or appear in a different place. Right after your surgery, you will be able to notice improvement in body contour. This noticeable improvement will continue for weeks while swelling from the surgery diminishes. Complete effects of the procedure will be visible after approximately one year.

Most of the time, this surgery does not tighten the skin over the treated area. Once fat is removed, the skin of the treated area may appear loose. It may take approximately 6 months for the loose skin to tighten. In fact, some people have elastic skin, which retracts more quickly. Younger skin always has greater elasticity than older skin. This procedure makes you look much better. However, if losing weight is on your list of expectations, you may be disappointed.

Effects of Liposuction on Health

Liposuction permanently removes harmful fat cells from your body. This can completely alter the shape of your body. However, if you don’t lead a healthy lifestyle after your surgery, you may risk growth of other fat cells in your body. Some medical conditions which may benefit from liposuction include :

+ Lipomas – These are benign fatty tumors

+ Gynecomastia – This is the condition in which fatty breast tissue develops in men

+ Lipodystrophy Syndrome – This is a basic lipid metabolism disturbance. In this condition, there is too much fat in some of your body parts. However, fat is completely absent in some other body parts. This can be a side effect of HIV medications.

Effectiveness of Liposuction

Here’s how liposuction can fulfill your expectations :

Target Precision – This procedure has become quite progressive these days. As a result, you can even choose the exact location in your body for fat removal. This has enhanced the overall effectiveness and accuracy of results.

Fighting Genetics – This procedure helps remove genetically allocated fat pockets. Such fat pockets are resistant to exercise and diet. Therefore, this procedure can change your body’s form and make you look better.

Feel Good About Yourself – After the surgery, you will feel good about yourself. You will be happier and more confident. You will even start participating in outdoor activities and consider a healthy lifestyle.

Weight Loss Delusion – Although liposuction only leads to extraction of small fat pockets, the reshaping effects of this procedure are very impressive. Thus, they impart the illusion of significant weight loss.

Post Pregnancy Durable – In case you have undergone this procedure before pregnancy, the results will resume if you maintain a healthy lifestyle and regain your ideal weight after delivering a child.

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