Thigh Thinning To Achieve “The Gap”

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The most common problem areas for fat accumulation are the stomach, waist, abdomen, buttocks and thighs, which is why liposuction is highly requested to treat these regions of the body.

Women and men alike undergo liposuction procedures to remove excess pockets of resistant fat. But the thigh area is a greater issue for women. Have you heard of the “Thigh Gap?” According to many model agencies, the perfect legs have a gap between the inner thighs, between the knees and calves and the lower legs, between the calves and ankles.

The Thigh Gap, Anatomy of Model Legs

The Thigh Gap, Anatomy of Model Legs

Models and celebrities inspire women worldwide to look a certain way.

Unfortunately many women are genetically pre-disposed to having larger thighs that rub against each other, so they seek out cosmetic and plastic surgeons to sculpt and shape their legs and get into the gap! According to this article, requests for thigh shaping surgeries have increased and most likely, more women will continue to have liposuction to increase the thigh gap.

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