The Rippling Truth About Cellulite

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In a recent survey by WebMD, some interesting secrets about stubborn cellulite were revealed upon taking the quiz. I only missed one, but since swim-suit season is just around the corner, I thought it would be good to share the findings:

  • Tanning will disguise cellulite and make it less noticeable. Obviously, if you lay in the sun, you have to worry about damaging rays, and there are some risks with tanning beds. In addition, liquid and spray tans are effective at camouflaging cellulite.
  • There is no magic diet solution to cure cellulite, however, cutting down on sodium and sodas will help, even diet sodas, but the best diet for anyone should be high in raw fruits and vegetables, lean protein and low in processed foods.
  • Another truth is that a majority of women have cellulite (more than 80%), and it does tend to look worse with age, unfortunately.
  • Losing weight can improve the appearance of cellulite. Conversely, gaining weight can magnify it.
Cellulite Myths and Truths Exposed

Cellulite Myths and Truths Exposed

  • Why does cellulite discriminate and why does it rarely impact men? Sorry ladies, this is a hormonal issue, and our bodies are designed to store fat in certain ways for reproductive purposes. Cellulite is directly related to female hormones.
  • Common sense would have us believe that birth control pills may increase cellulite production, but there is no evidence or proven correlation between birth control and cellulite.
  • Although there are many over-the-counter products and topical creams that claim to “cure” and reduce cellulite, consider it false advertising. You would be better off keeping your money. However, herbal wraps can shrink the appearance of cellulite temporarily, for a couple days, so you could make that investment before a weekend get-away.
  • When asked if “laser treatments could banish cellulite for good” the answer is false for a couple of reasons. First, laser treatments are actually the most effective, but it cannot be stated that they permanently remove cellulite, nor can it be stated how long the effects of laser treatments last, because the latest, most advanced technology called Cellulaze released in 2012 is very effective, but the studies have not been conducted long enough to prove the longevity of the treatments.

If you have cellulite that you would like to treat before the summer, your best bet is to contact a physician who offers Cellulaze.

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