Surgical and Non Surgical Ways to Treat Puffy Eyes

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Do you wake up in the morning with puffy eyes? Have you noticed your eyes have extra luggage and bags underneath them? There are several reasons people may experience temporary inflammation due to a sinus infection, seasonal allergies, a cold, waking up with a hangover, side effects from medications, water retention, lack of sleep, hormones or other unknown causes and reactions, but when the baggy, puffy syndrome persists, there may be other more permanent reasons, such as age, weight gain and lifestyle. Both temporary and permanent conditions can be addressed with medications and home remedies, or surgical solutions, like eye rejuvenation.


The temporary set of issues can be addressed with topical remedies and medications, such as:

  • Over the counter or prescription medications to treat allergies, sinus infections and common colds and hay fever.
  • Have you heard of a Neti Pot? You can get them at a drug or health food store. It is a tea-pot shaped device that allows you to flush out congestion and build-up in the nasal passages to relieve pressure.
  • Getting enough sleep and sleeping in the proper position may help under-eye bags. If you sleep on your back instead of your stomach, you are better off.
  • Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can really take a toll on your appearance and skin. Together, they can speed up the aging process and cause inflammation.
  • Over exposure to the sun can also cause puffiness. Wear sunblock and avoid excessive sunlight.
  • Moisturizer and under eye creams can help soothe and alleviate puffy bags, but again it is temporary. If applied daily, Retin A and vitamin A creams can help, among others.
  • You have heard the myths about cucumbers, cold spoons and frozen peas. It’s true, these items can reduce swelling and calm the areas.

There are also surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments and solutions that offer more permanent results when the bags just won’t go away. Eye rejuvenation can be performed using non-surgical ultrasound and laser devices, like Ultherapy and Thermage, among others. They lift and tighten the skin and in many cases, a series of treatments will offer longer term results. Surgical procedures include upper and lower Blephoraplasty, or eyelid surgery, which allows surgeons to remove excess skin above or below the eye. Most surgeons will conclude eye-lift surgery with a chemical peel or skin tightening treatment also. These techniques helps patients look and feel younger, and improve their overall appearance.

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