Smile Surgery Becoming A Cosmetic Trend

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Many Cosmetic Surgery Trends Emerge in South Korea, with the latest being one to improve your smile permanently. It is being nicknamed Smile Surgery, and also known as a smile lipt. One of the primary clinics performing the smile surgery is the Aone Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery clinic located in Seoul. The term “lipt” is a combination of lip and lift, both of which have to do with what this surgery does. It very slightly tugs up the corners of your mouth into a naturally-looking smile. It is being called bright and gentle, because it doesn’t look cosmetically done and offers a natural look.

smile surgery

About Smile Surgery

Kwon Taek-keun, a leading cosmetic surgeon at Aone claims the surgery helps patients relieve stress and frustration caused by their face’s natural state. Some women have a relaxed look that is less than ideal and makes them appear upset or annoyed, though it is far from it. He told the Wall Street Journal, “Even when you are looking like your normal self, people keep asking you: ‘Why are you frowning?’” he says. The most common recipients of the smile surgery are women in their 20s and 30s who want a smile that looks natural, to avoid these annoying comments.

The Growing Trend

This surgery is currently popular in South Korea, but has yet to gain popularity in the U.S. Kwon Taek-Keun thinks this is mostly because the facial features of women in the U.S. have longer and higher mouths, and don’t have as much of a problem with their relaxed smile than women in South Korea. The procedure itself costs about $2,000 and is done with the tip of a scalpel. It is used to lift the corners of the mouth just slightly so there is a relaxed smile on their face. It not only improves their smile when their face is completely relaxed, but even during a wide grin. The surgery does exist in the U.S., though under a different name: Valentine anguloplasty, due to the heart shape of the lip’s muscle tissues.

Recovery Time

There is a fairly short recovery time following the smile surgery. While not actually considered minimally invasive, it requires less work and recovery time than other facial surgeries. It is only dealing with the skin and muscles in the mouth region, with a full recovery of about 1-2 months following the procedure. There have also been few complications, though risks include bruising, swelling, possible risk of infection and temporary numbness.

Finding a Surgeon

If you are considering the smile surgery, make sure you find an experience surgeon. While it is a relatively new procedure, many surgeons are beginning to learn the technique of the smile lipt surgery. Be sure the plastic surgeon has experience in similar facial procedures, such as lip, chin, nose and eye augmentations. Always do your research and don’t let the cost sway you toward one doctor or another. If you have a trusted plastic or cosmetic surgeon, discus the possibility of this procedure.