Smartlipo A Preferred Treatment for Gynecomastia and Male Breast Reduction

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Dr. Emmanuel Asare, Cosmetic Surgeon and Board Certified Physician and Dr. Theodore Diktaban, a Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon of Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York perform many cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, but they have seen increasingly more male patients for a condition known as gynecomastia or male breast reduction.

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Many young males and men suffer from excess breast tissue known as “man boobs” or “moobs”, which can be a cause for embarrassment or concern. Having male breasts that are more pronounced can lead men to avoid wearing certain clothes and going shirtless at the pool or beach. There may be several reasons for the origin of this condition, and often this medical issue may arise in a young man’s life during his teens as a result of hormones, and can continue throughout his adult life.

Both doctors, Asare and Diktaban recommend males who suffer from gynecomastia seek out proper screening to make sure cancer is not a cause, but as male breast reduction specialists, they understand how to treat this condition using Smartlipo and laser assisted lipolysis to remove the excess fat, seamlessly.  Male patients can undergo minimally invasive surgery – using local anesthesia at their Long Island or NYC gynecomastia centers. The procedure only takes between 1-2 hours to perform, and patients can expect to recover within a week, depending. Smartlipo has helped many male patients eliminate the excess breast tissue and resume confidence, after surgery.

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