Smart Liposuction Is The Better Choice

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Liposuction continues to be a popular method for improving a person’s appearance by eliminating unsightly areas of excess fat and loose skin. The opinions of those who perform the procedures vary widely on which types of liposuction are most effective. Most often smart and traditional liposuction techniques are the ones commonly up for debate. Some doctors are biased toward one procedure over another depending upon the tools available to them, so it important to do your own thorough research before drawing a conclusion. Let’s take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of each type of procedure.

Smartlipo better than lipo

Why People Choose Smart Lipo

Smart liposuction is commonly preferred over traditional liposuction because it is viewed as much less invasive. Traditional methods do remove excess fat from certain areas of the body. Unfortunately, loose skin is left over after a sizable amount of fat is removed from a certain area. This may require you to undergo another procedure to remove the skin. Smart liposuction uses lasers to melt fat into a liquid form. The lasers penetrate the skin and rupture the fat cells, making them melt down into a removable form. A small incision is made to drain the liquefied fat from areas of the body. This is considered less painful, and tightens areas that would otherwise leave loose skin during traditional liposuction.

Recovery Is Quicker

Another reason why more people are opting for smart liposuction, is that the recovery times are much shorter. Traditional methods require more stitching and care following the procedure. Swelling and skin bruising often occur after a procedure, but this is reduced greatly during smart liposuction. This is due to the fact that the lasers seal off the cut blood vessels immediately upon meting fat. As a result the potential for bruising and soreness is much less.

More people are opting for smart liposuction, especially when having the procedure done on certain parts of the face. The laser probe associated with smart liposuction is very small and precise. A person’s face is a very sensitive area, so a less invasive procedure is in order. Since smart liposuction enables the skin to retract and tighten better than the traditional method, facial procedures can be conducted without fear of painful skin removal techniques. This is critical for those who wish to keep their surgical procedures private. There is overwhelming evidence suggesting that smart liposuction is just as effective, and much more safe, than traditional surgical liposuction procedures.