How to search for Surgeons in Google –

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When people search online for a certain cosmetic or plastic procedure, they start by using a search engine like Bing, Yahoo or Google (which in fact is the most used one).

Some persons already have in mind  a search term they are familiar with the medical related term (of the procedure of their interest) and kind of know what to search for. For example a 31 year old mother of 2 kids, wanting to recover her stunning figure that she had before giving birth to her children, might search for a “Tummy Tuck” a “Liposuction” or for a “Mommy Makeover“.

A less experienced user will not know where to start, so she or he will start the information search at some medical directories, or most likely search for local plastic surgeons.

Lets say Betty (29) from New York City, has always dreamed of having a breast augmentation, she thinks her boobs could be 2 sizes bigger. She does not know if implants or fat transfer or what other technique might suite her body frame and be better for her (considering the results she expects – bigger boobs, firm, toned, lifted, nice rounded areolas).Betty is sure of what she desires, she almost can see her self with the kind of breasts she has always had in her expectations. With that idea in her mind Betty, opens a new browser window in her PC, she goes to the Google search home page. She types in the search bar “Breast LIFT New York” and clicks the “Google Search” button.


Betty will be face with a variety of results (in the top and right side she will see paid ads of local (New York plastic surgeons), below the top paid ads the organic results fill out the rest of the page. Most likely her attention will be called by the words NEW YORK and BREAST LIFT (marked in bold).  But for sure what might be more of interest is if the results show a map with local listings of breast surgery doctors’ offices. Betty for sure identifies instantly the New York metro area map. She will most likely try to locate surgeons most close to her place in New Jersey.