Reasons More Men Are Seeking Liposuction

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Liposuction has been mainly for women since its breakthrough founding. The tabloids are mainly filled with women who have had the procedure. However, more and more men are having liposuction done than ever before. But why this new influx of cosmetic surgery patients when they’ve shied away before? The reasons may surprise you.

Reasons for Male Liposuction

Less Stigma — More and more, there is less stigma attached to plastic surgery than in decades past. This lets men explore the options without having to deal with the heavy eye of their peers. Often the man’s friends and family are now the ones to suggest the procedure.

Better Awareness — There is more positive publicity to getting a liposuction procedure now with the recent news and talk shows on television. There is also more knowledge about the procedure and how it is done. More knowledge means a more informed patient and turns into better results.

Better Technology — Liposuction technology has just gotten better as the years have progressed. Today there are laser liposuctions and more that help give patients better outcomes, shorter recovery times, and less invasive techniques.

Liposuction for Men

Liposuction for men is very similar to the procedure done on women, with men typically getting the abdomen, loin, and neck done. The loin is the area that most men refer to as the “love handle”. Another area that is done in some men is ultrasonic liposuction in the breast area for men with gynecomastia, or large breast tissue. These areas can be toned by having fat tissue removed, making for a sleeker appearance.

Women Liposuction vs. Male Liposuction

While there are many similarities to the procedure done in women, liposuction for men is slightly different due to the differences in a man’s body composition. There is usually more bleeding in the procedure with men because of a greater blood supply than women have. This increase of blood supply is due to thicker skin and more body hair. There are still risks with the surgery, as with any, and you’ll need to discuss the goals you have in mind thoroughly with the surgeon. On average, more men are disappointed in their liposuction results than women, often because of over-expected results. Have a realistic goal in mind before setting out for this option and remember while you’ll be less thick in your chosen area, those six pack abs aren’t going to magically appear.

With a thorough discussion of risks, goals, and recovery, men can achieve a svelte appearance with liposuction and take care of love handles and other fat area. The more information you know about the procedure and how it will go, the better your expectations. Keeping an open mind and realizing that it isn’t a quick weight loss program but an option to remove some of the fat deposits that diet and exercise can’t get is key to being happier with the results.