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Can the fat return after a liposuction?

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Liposuction is a popular cosmetic procedure that involves suctioning unwanted fat out of the body to create more pleasing physical proportions and immediate, permanent results. Nearly 225,000 liposuction procedures were performed in 2015. The procedure is used to create a sculpted, toned appearance to the body or to slim down areas that have accumulated excess fat. But liposuction is not supposed to be recommended to patients as a weight-loss procedure. Recent studies have shed more light on why liposuction isn’t effective for weight loss.


New research published in the journal Obesity has shown that, at least for women, fat that’s removed using liposuction returns within a short period of time, but distributes itself in different regions of the body. The study followed 32 women between the ages of 18 and 50 years of age through surgery and over the course of one year. Researchers say that within approximately twelve months, the fat stores that were eliminated with innovative fat surgery tend to return. Body Mass Index goes down in the first six weeks following surgery, but over the course of the year that follows, Body Mass Index returns to its original status. For example, if a woman has liposuction done on her lower abdomen, thighs, or hips, the fat is permanently removed from those areas and won’t be prone to return to those areas. Instead fat will re-accumulate in areas of the body such as the triceps, the upper abdomen, or it will take up residence in the viscera, close to the organs instead of in the subcutaneous layers of the skin.

Fat will re-accumulate in areas of the body

Scientists don’t know why fat returns so quickly to the body after liposuction or why it tends to settle in different areas of the body other than the ones that were treated. Speculation is that trauma to fat cells in the areas of the body treated with liposuction somehow prevents the fat from returning there. The brain may be responsible for causing the body to regain fat stores so quickly after they’ve been removed. In an effort to maintain an equilibrium, it’s possible that the brain sends messages to the body to store more fat in the months following liposuction surgery.

Though liposuction does permanently remove fat cells from the body, the truth is, patients will likely regain any of the weight they lost as a result of the procedure, according to Dr. Louis Cole from Atlanta. For this reason, liposuction isn’t effective for weight loss. Doctors recommend that patients maintain their post-lipo weight in order to keep excess fat off the body, but as a general rule, if the patient gains weight, the fat distribution on the body will be different because liposuction removes excess fat cells from localized areas, which means that there will be fewer cells in those areas to become engorged with fat. Many patients remain satisfied with the results of their liposuction procedure even if they regain some of the weight they lost during the procedure.

A healthy lifestyle keeps the fat away

Though many plastic surgeons deny having seen their own patients regain weight after liposuction, the research demonstrates how important it is for women to take up a healthy lifestyle both before and following their procedure. The body may be calibrated to hold onto fat after fat cells have been removed during a liposuction surgery, but through proper diet and exercise, patients should still be able to keep control of their weight in order to maintain excellent results. And clearly liposuction is not the ideal procedure for weight loss, but it is still the procedure of choice for body sculpting and for creating the appearance of a toned physique.

Fat Elimination Innovations

Bid Goodbye to Excess Body Fat with Liposuction

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We are concerned about the way we look. Our body image is very important to us as it gives us a feeling of satisfaction and confidence we often look for. We all want to look our very best and in an age where self-image is becoming more and more popular, men and women alike are trying out new methods to improve their existing physical appearance. Be it opting for cosmetic products or trying out herbal remedies, people are spending thousands of dollars to try and get their image right. In an era where our first impression speaks a ton about us, consumers are going out of their way to try new methods of beauty and rectification. And the easiest way to do that came with medical science.

Liposuction and the procedure

Medical science has now made it possible to reduce excess body fat from an individual. The resulting effect is a very slim and well-toned figure. Liposuction has existed for quite a while now and is gaining popularity like never before. The new methods incorporate cosmetic surgery in order to remove fat and change the shape of a body. This method is becoming popular as it can spot reduce fat meaning the person undergoing the surgery can have fat removed from any part of his body he/she wishes to. Several plastic surgery clinics have emerged in New York which assists a person to achieve the figure he/she deserves.


Different methods

The first one incorporates the usage of SmartLipo which kills the fats cells and tightens the skin. This is one of the most popular methods of liposuction today. Other methods include using other lasers, ultrasound, water to eliminate the excess fat present in an area. Expert cosmetic and plastic surgeons perform the surgery and create a well aesthetic look. Individuals looking to undertake this procedure can visit or book an appointment with the various clinics and studious present here. The individual will be informed about the whole procedure, the results, what to expect after the surgery, cost of the surgery and any side effect that might occur prior to the surgery. Sculpting your dream body is now very easier with the help of liposuction. The most common areas of liposuction are the breast, stomach, thighs, back, upper arms, buttocks and knees. Visit your nearest cosmetic clinic now in New York to book an appointment and sculpt a new figure.

Smartlipo Explained In Details

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There are quite a number of people who deal with fat they wish they didn’t have. As a result science and technology has evolved with the aim of finding new ways to deal with this unwanted fat. One of such ways is said to be the Smartlipo.

What is Smartlipo?

One of the conventional ways normally used in dealing with unwanted fat is liposuction. Liposuction is a technique that is mainly used in the field of cosmetic surgery with the aim of removing unwanted fat located under the skin.

“Smartlipo is also used in the field of cosmetic surgery to remove that extra fat. It is seen as a non invasive laser treatment that permanently removes unwanted fat. Smartlipo is quite effective compared to the traditional method of liposuction.” according to Dr. Schweitzer – medical director of the Wichita Liposuction Center.

Why Should I Choose Smartlipo Over Liposuction?

First of all we have seen that Smartlipo is a non invasive technique. This non invasive technique uses laser treatment which works by dissolving the fat through the use of a high powered light beam. A small incision is then made which drains out the melted fat. This is as opposed to liposuction which sucks out the fat through a surgical procedure.

The laser used in Smartlipo works by dissolving the fat and also sealing blood vessels. This means that there is less swelling and bleeding unlike in traditional liposuction.

Smartlipo is said to work faster than any other method used for fat reduction. Patients undergoing the non invasive laser technique often experience quicker results and face less recovery time. The procedure is also coupled with fewer complications. A Smartlipo is done under a local anesthetic which makes it safer as compared to a traditional liposuction which requires general anesthesia to be completed.

Traditional liposuction normally works by removing larger pockets of fats to improve with the purpose of improving appearance. On the other hand, Smartlipo is a more precise body sculpting technique.

Is Smartlipo Designed for Me?

The technique is generally designed to deal with fat deposits which are mainly located in the lower and upper abdomen, hips, outer and inner thighs, chest, jowls, face and neck. If you are not confident about being the right candidate for a Smartlipo, you can always consult with a physician for further clarification.

Is the Procedure Painful?

There is usually very minimal discomfort during the procedure because the area being worked on is normally anesthetized. The procedure is normally accompanied with a light pressure and very mild sensation. After the procedure one normally feels a bit an ache which can be compared to a physical work out ache.

How Smartlipo Procedure Actually Works

The procedure is normally carried with a small cannula tube which is said to be approximately 1.0mm in diameter. This cannula is inserted beneath the skin. The cannula is then moved back and forth as it delivers laser energy directly in fat cells. This causes the fat cells to rupture which are further drained out form the cannula tube. The tube also interacts with the dermis with the aim of tightening the skin.

What are the benefits of Using Smartlipo?

. As we have seen earlier, this technique is used to treat unwanted fat and deal with various tissue irregularities.

. The procedure has minimal discomfort and a quicker recovery time. Most people return to work and their normal activities the following day.

. Smartlipo gives out better results because it focuses on the finer details.

. The technique promotes tissue coagulation which normally results to skin tightening.

. The procedure is also associated with minimal bleeding and edema as a result of the laser’s hemostatic property.

. No general anesthesia is required during the procedure.

What is the Cost of a Smartlipo procedure?

Compared to the traditional form of liposuction, Smartlipo is said to be quite pocket friendly. The technique is said to cost substantially less than a normal standard liposuction procedure. The cost is said to range from $2000 TO $5000 dollars which is 35% lower than a basic liposuction procedure.

Do you intend to get rid of love handles that aren’t flattering your body at all? The answer lies in the newest technology of cosmetic surgery. The answer lies within a Smartlipo procedure. For more information concerning the whole technique, you can contact your nearest physician or doctor. It is always advisable to seek medical consultation before engaging in the surgical procedure.

SculpSure – Non Invasive Laser Fat Reduction

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SculpSure laser technology is a revolutionary, new treatment which has been approved by FDA to help reduce the fat around the midsection. This laser technology is used to heat up the fat cells without inflicting any damage to the skin, and kills the fat cells. This non invasive (meaning there are no needles or incisions) laser body sculpting treatment, can eliminate the stubborn fat and make you look good and feel your very best. It is also very comfortable. It’s like non surgical Liposuction, and is truly the future of body fat loss,

SculpSure – Results – image courtesy of

SculpSure Laser Treatment Procedure

A SculpSure treatment session usually lasts about 25 minutes, and is done in-office. During the treatment session, the SculpSure applicator is applied to the patients’ abdomen. The machine has 4 applicators which can be placed anywhere on the stomach or/and the sides for a personalized treatment. The laser fat reduction treatment will deliver heat beneath the surface of your skin and safely destroy the fat cells. The SculpSure applicator uses a constant cooling technology so as to keep the patient comfortable. With time, the fat cells which have been melted down and destroyed, will naturally leave your body through the bloodstream. After the procedure has been completed, you can comfortably resume to your normal activities, as you enjoy your results.
Benefits of SculpSure Laser Technology

  • It is a state of the art, controlled light based technology, which is perfect for those looking to eliminate the stubborn fat, quickly and effectively.
  • It can be completed in just 25 minutes, thus is ideal for the busy patients who want a non invasive solution for the stubborn fat areas.
  • It has zero downtime.
  • It works on all types of skin.
  • It is a clinically proven technology.
  • It is a comfortable and very well tolerated procedure.
  • It can be used to treats numerous areas simultaneously.
  • It is ideal for all body sizes and shapes.
  • Treats both areas of the pinchable fat and the non-pinchable fat.

Who Can Benefit For SculpSure Laser Technology?

-Those who don’t desire or those who don’t qualify for the surgical fat removal treatments, can benefit from this non-surgical and non invasive procedure. SculpSure achieves excellent results without any need for surgery or needles.

-Those with a BMI which is 30 or below, or those who are close to their ideal weight can also benefit from this treatment since it eliminates the stubborn fat, creating a more desirable and attractive body shape.

-If you have minor skin sagging which might have come about due to aging or moderate weight loss, SculpSure uses laser energy which can offer minor skin tightening for much better cosmetic results.

The Essential Facts about the Hair Restoration

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Having a great set of hair is exceedingly important for many men and it is not hard to see why. With great hair, anyone has a lot bigger chance of getting noticed in a positive way. This is especially true for men who desire to leave a strong impression in every domain of their lives. In a professional setting, great hair, accompanied by a nice haircut, can leave an impression of a dedicated, capable individual, which is a key element in making good connections and being able to benefit from them later on.

In a man’s personal life, the importance of an impressive set of hair does not need to be underlined. Here, the same set of hair is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also a subconscious sign of a man’s health and potential. The same can make the whole world of difference between men who are successful in their love lives and those who constantly struggle with it.

But, even though the state of a man’s hair is so important, the fact remains that many men start to lose hair at some point in their lives. In fact, there is about a 50% chance that a man will start losing his hair after puberty. For those men who have baldness in their family as a genetic trait, the chances are even higher, which is why so many people all over the world have to cope with hair loss. Fortunately, there is a way how this issue can be resolved once and for all. With the process of hair restoration in men, the issue of hair loss can be not only stopped, but completely reversed.

In practice, this means that the hair will not only stop falling off but that it will also be brought back in its full capacity. The restoration process is based on a scientifically proven approach that tackles the issue of hair loss at a cellular level, or right there where it matters the most. With baldness, the skin cells of the scalp stop growing new hair follicle, which leads to a gradually diminishing of hair density on the same surface. As the process continues, so do the hairs continue to fall out and never regrow on the same spot. But, using hair restoration in men, this can be overturned. The process of hair restoration uses a very developed, high-tech approach that takes hair follicles from the back of the person’s head and then, one by one, replants them in the area that is experiencing baldness.

The procedure of hair restoration is not only effective, but it is also completely safe and can be provided with a high degree of comfort for the man who is undergoing it. Because of the effectiveness of this procedure, the results can be seen almost immediately in the form of soft and natural hair. The best element of the entire hair restoration in men process is the fact that the hair being used belongs to them, so there is not the possibility of rejection. All of this makes the same option the best possible alternative for any man who is looking to rejuvenate his looks and once again provide himself with an impeccable set of hair.

Female Body Shape : Defined and Detailed

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The female body shape is complex design to understand. While the structure of skeleton gives the build or the frame to the body, the comparative distribution of the body fats and the muscle, forms the mass or shape. There has been a wide range of views on what would be the perfect shape and measurements of a female body. It has differed from generation to generation, and also among the different races. The opinion is also dependent on the factor under consideration, either beauty or health. As far as the human race is considered, the primary focus has been on the aesthetic or sexual value of the female body.

The female body is of many different shapes and sizes. Normally, the waist is very narrow compared to the hips and bust. Thus the hips, bust and waist are considered as points of importance, and are called the inflection points. The proportioning of these points define the shape of the body. The measurement of bust is done at the nipple level line, which depends on the breast size. While the measurement of the waist is done at its narrowest circumference, the hips are measured at the widest margin along the buttocks (ref).

The normal practice to define a female body is to specify the dimensions of the inflection points. A 34-28-36 would mean a 34-inch bust, 28-inch waist and 36-inch hips. These stats are vital from the female body shape point of view. The different proportions would directly affect the shape of the individual and her external attractiveness. The bust measurement also reflects the cup size of the bra. As the bust to hip ratio influences the bulky appearance of a woman’s breast, a woman with narrow shoulder appears more busty than the one with wide shoulder.

Though the B-W-H ratio defines the shape of the female body, this ratio in-turn depends on the height of the individual. If two women have the same measurements, the shorter one will appear to be more curvy and the taller one looks much thinner. Also the Body Mass Index has a role to play. A lower BMI would make the female look slim and a higher value makes her look fat, even though the weight remains the same. Thus the BWH ratio indicates the distribution of body fat rather than the amount of fat.

The estrogen which is produced after puberty, controls the storing of the fat, which is more at the bust and hips. So, depending on the estrogen value, the shape of the body can either occur like an apple, pear or a banana. But, the point of concern is whether the shape can be altered? Yes, the female body is versatile and can be easily wielded into different shapes through exercise and dieting procedures.

Also, there are various artificial methods that can be used to help. The breast can be made to appear heavier using bras which are padded, or there are surgeries to increase the size. The waist fat can be removed through liposuction and butt pads can be used to increase the bulk of the hips to appear more rounded in shape. But the health of the female body has to be considered well in hand. A lower waist to hip ratio would mean a healthier individual, and keeping this in mind further methods of cosmetic alterations can be implemented.

Thus the female body shape – bust/waist/hip measurements are of a special value to women. There is no ideal measurements of the female body, rather it all depends on the mindset of the individual.

What is Face lift Surgery?

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Rhytidectomy, or the face lift surgery, is a surgical procedure used to alter changes in the areas of the temples, cheeks, face, jawline, and neck. It is important to discuss with your surgeon what you are hoping to gain from your operation, and the results you can realistically expect. It is also important that you complete any weight loss program before the operation. A face lift typically requires one or two nights’ stay in hospital and is usually done under general anesthesia. This means that you will be asleep during the procedure and will feel no pain.

The Procedure of Face lift:

There are many types of face lifts; some procedures are simply a lifting of the skin and superficial tissue to smooth and tighten the face; other procedures involve a more complex surgery to reposition the tissue and muscle. There are less invasive procedures such as a “thread” lift, endoscopic procedures, and procedures for different parts of the face – such as the forehead, mid-face, and for tightening and lifting around the jaw line and neck. Face lift surgery results don’t last indefinitely; over time, tissue and muscle will again sag, and a secondary lift might be needed.

Advantages of a Face lift:

Despite the one-week recovery time, the patient can begin routine activities just one day after surgery. The pain and the discomfort during surgery are usually minimal. A face lift can be beneficial in that it gives a person a younger appearance. The results of face lift surgery are long-lasting; however, the natural aging process may cause the skin to sag once again. The results of a face lift may be considered permanent in that you will continue to look younger years later than you would have without undergoing the face lift.

Facts Related to Face lift Surgery:

Some of the more simple procedures are performed in an outpatient surgery setting, while others might require a hospital stay. Be sure that your surgeon is board-certified in plastic or facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, and has experience performing the procedure. Discuss the exact surgical procedure with your doctor, including the results you might expect, and remember that individual results vary. Your physician will evaluate your general medical history and health, your bone and tissue structure, and what type of anesthesia is needed. Recovery and healing time depend on your age, health, and the type of procedure you’ll undergo. It can take several weeks for swelling to subside, and it can take several months or longer to see the full benefits. Your doctor will discuss pain management and activity instructions for the post-operative period.

Charlotte Crosby Gets Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery makes someone look differently but this is not a thing to worry people in these recent times. This is why you can see Charlotte Crosby gets plastic surgery to prove to people that you only live once so make the best out of your life. This is from the long list that she has released of the various plastic surgeries that she wishes to go through by the time she reaches 40.

Charlotte Crosby gets plastic surgery to be able to hide her plump lips and make them look more attractive. However, the Geordie Shore star has decided that she will wait till she is in her forties so as to undergo other surgeries that she has planned for. Some of the surgeries she plans to undergo are like:

  • Boob jobs
  • Botox
  • Lip fillers
  • Nose jobs

Charlotte Crosby gets plastic surgery despite confessing one day that she has an aversion to needles. It is said that you should face your fears and she took this advice literally. She unveiled the work done on her lips on twitter and she can now be associated with celebrities who have juicy lips. She can now give celebrities like Angelina Jolie a run for their money when it comes to sexy lips. On her twitter handle, she explained how she is very pleased with the work done on her lips and does not mind flaunting them.

The plastic surgery was done by Le Beau Ideal and she is very happy with their cosmetic work. Le Beau Ideal is a cosmetic company that is very professional in everything they do. They give a client step by step explanations of the various plastic surgeries they offer and what kind of plastic surgery is good for you as a client.

Their cosmetic treatments are one of a lifetime and maximum satisfaction is a guarantee. The doctor in charge of the process is known as Dr. Esho who is very skilled in this sector and the results speak for themselves. Charlotte Crosby gets plastic surgery just before the launch of her reality show known as The Charlotte Crosby Experience.

However, this is not the first time Charlotte Crosby gets plastic surgery she altered her lips a while ago. The person in charge of that procedure was Tracie Giles from Knightsbridge. The procedure done to her is known as Gloss and Glo. This is a procedure that makes the lips of a person appear fuller and plumper and it does not involve injecting filler.

The one who inspired charlotte to start on the plastic surgeries is her pal Vicky Pattison. If you look at Charlottes’ pictures then you will be able to note a significant difference in the sizes and appearances. This recent plastic surgery is a permanent makeup that is very hard to be changed. The good thing is that it came out perfectly.

This wonderful surgery has made Charlotte Crosby a million dollar lady that means business. She can now smile and show her teeth in a wonderful way. This is because the lips display them well. The lips complement the wonderful green eyes and her wonderful golden skin. This is what is making men stare blankly at her beauty whenever she passes by.

It does not come as a surprise that Charlotte Crosby gets plastic surgery because this is the trend set by reality stars. They have enough money to enhance their body looks and cosmetic surgery has made this easy. Charlotte has undergone a number of body enhancements and it all started by losing weight and then adding hair extensions.

After her hair extensions she then discovered the wonderful magic that can be done on lips using lip fillers. However, her fans have over the years pleaded with her to go slow on the plastic surgeries because she is naturally beautiful. This has however fallen on deaf years because she says that the sky is the limit when it comes to plastic surgery.

She wants to live once with different body shapes it so seems. She has given fans a break till she reaches forty years old. The horror comments will maybe last till she makes advancement on her body though. She has however set pace for those who would wish for enhancements to be done on them which include having a plastic surgery.

An In-depth Understanding About Liposuction Procedure And Its Associated Risks

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Liposuction also known as lipoplasty, lipo or lipesculture is a cosmetic surgery, which aims at breaking up and sucking fat from some body parts like the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, neck, upper and the backs of the arms, chin, back and calves. A hollow instrument called a cannula is used to remove the fat after it is inserted under the skin. High and powerful pressure is applied to this cannula. Up to now liposuction is the most common cosmetic operation in United Kingdom and in the USA. In a single year over 400,000 individuals undergo the procedure.

Patients, who undergo the procedure, typically have stable body weight although their aim is usually to remove any undesirable fat deposits in some specific body parts. Liposuction is not an overall body weight loss method and it is not an obesity treatment. It never removes cellulite, stretch marks or dimples. The procedures aim is usually esthetic–patients wish is usually to change and enhance their body contour.

Liposuction removes fat cells from the body permanently. Therefore, it alters the body shape. However, if a patient never leads a healthy lifestyle after this operation, the chances of the remaining fat cells growing bigger are usually high. Only a limited fat amount can be removed at a time. Liposuction also carries some risks, which include infections, scarring and numbness. If too much fat is removed at once, then you may get dents or lumpiness on your skin. Some health experts say that these surgical risks are associated with amount of fat removed. Some medical conditions that highly benefit from liposuction include lipomas, gynecomastia and lipodystrophy.

A short history of liposuction

Two Italian-American surgeons invented liposuction in the year 1974 although its roots date back to 1920s. The doctors were Giorgio and Arpad Fischer. In the year 1926 Dr Dujarier, a French surgeon conducted fat removal procedure on a model. Tragically the procedure resulted in mortification in one of her legs. Interest in body contouring consequently receded for several decades.

In late 1960s Leon Foster a European surgeon used curettage techniques which are considered primitive to remove body fats although the results were patchy and the procedures involved a lot of bleeding and high morbidity. Dr Yves Gerald Illouz started the modern liposuction with a presentation in the year 1982. What he started came to be known as Illouz method which is a suction assisted lipolysis technique.

The procedure breaks down or destroys fats after fluids are infused into the body tissues using very high pressure suction and blunt cannulae. Illouz managed to demonstrate both the low morbidity and the reproducible good results. During the decade, most US surgeons experimented with the procedure, developing some variations form the original Illouz Method and they attained varying results.

In the year 1985, Dr. Jeffrey Allan Klein and Patrick Lillis both from USA described the Tumescent Technique. The technique added some elevated volumes of liquid which contained local anesthetic and therefore the technique could be carried out in office settings under the intravenous seduction rather than the typical anesthesia. Some experts raised some concerns about high fluid volume and the lidocaine potential toxicity with tumescent techniques. This eventually led to lower volume super wet tumescence concept.

At the end of last century, ultrasound introduction facilitated fat removal which was initially liquefied via ultrasonic energy application. However, reports in complication cases increased. Recently, laser tipped probes which induce thermal lipolysis were introduced. How beneficial they are as compared to the traditional techniques is still to be determined.

Over last three decades, liposuction techniques advancement means that it is possible to remove larger number of fat cells and with less blood loss, discomfort, risk and moreover with short recovery period. Surgeons can also use fat as natural filler. They can take fat from one body part, clean it and then inject it into another body part. They apply this in enhancing the shape of buttocks and also to reduce wrinkles.

Liposuction uses

Liposuction primary use is to improve the looks of a person rather than provide physical health benefits. Mostly, a patient may probably attain the same results and at other times better ones in case they adopt a healthy diet, regular exercise and a good night sleep on daily basis.

Liposuction should only be used if an individual does not achieve a desired result with the lifestyle changes. For instance, if there are some fat obstinate areas which are resistant to diet and exercise. When a person gains weight every fat cell in the body increases in both volume and size.

Liposuction works effectively to reduce the number of body fat cells in some isolated body parts. The amount of fat cells removed from a body part highly depends on its appearance and the fat volume. The contour changes which result from liposuction can last for a long time provided that a patient’s weight does not increase.

A surgeon can only conduct liposuction on the relatively small body parts and the procedure is not an obesity treatment. The procedure can not be applied on a person who wants to get rid of cellulite, stretch marks, dimpling and any other skin surface irregularity.

Before you consider going for it, you should discuss its pros and cons with a primary care physician or a general practitioner. If you still want to go ahead, you should talk to a surgeon sincerely about why you want to do it, what you intend to gain out of it and your expectations.

Liposuction risks

Any major surgery carries bleeding risks, infections risks and anesthesia adverse reactions. Risks of complications depend on the procedure extent, the surgeon’s skills and the specific training. Some of the side effects associated with liposuction include

  • Bad bruisingThis is usually the case when a patient has taken aspirin or anti-inflammatory medications. Patients with bleeding tendency are usually at a higher risk of bad bruising.
  • InflammationIn some situations swellings may take even 6 months for them to settle. Further, fluid can continue to ooze from incisions.
  • ThrombophlebitisBlood clots may form inside veins and therefore cause vein inflammation. This can affect liposuction patients and mostly inside the upper thigh and inside the knees.
  • Contour irregularitiesIf a patient has healed in an irregular manner, has poor skin elasticity, or the fat removal was irregular, the skin can appear as withered, bumpy or even wavy. This undesirable result can be permanent.
  • NumbnessYou may feel numb on the part worked on for a while. This is usually temporary and you may also experience temporary nerve irritations.
  • InfectionsInfections are usually rare although skin infections may occur after the surgery. The infections need surgical treatment with scaring risk.
  • Internal organ puncturesIf the cannula goes in very deeply, it may puncture one of the internal organs. In such cases further surgery is useful as internal organ punctures are usually life threatening.

Dr. Joffrey

Caitlyn Jenner’s Surgery goes Viral

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The internet has gone wild with the news of Caitlyn Jenner getting plastic surgery transitioning from male to female. The 65-year old who was known as Bruce Jenner made her first appearance as a lady on Vanity Fair on 1st June 2015 where she shared her story with the world. Apparently, it only took eight hours for the former Olympian to complete his sex change.


a young Bruce Jenner – Olympic medal winner 

The news has received mixed reactions from different parts of the globe with some people criticizing the move while others are applauding her bold step. Her family, however, has supported her from the very beginning with her daughters Khloe, Kim, Kourtney, Kendall, and Kylie Kardashian sending congratulatory messages. The reality TV star has also set up a verified twitter account under her new name gathering over one million followers. Her first tweet read that she was finally happy after a long struggle to be living with her true self that was shared with the cover. Vital notes to pinpoint in regards to the journey include:

Types of surgeries 

During her interview, Jenner confirmed that she had not yet done genital surgery. Experts recommend that this should be done a year after the transformation though it is not clear whether Caitlyn will go ahead with it later on. There are different types of surgeries that she had to undergo for her new look and the ones that stood out included:

• Facial- feminization surgery
The facial procedure involved making changes to the jaw, chin, forehead, and hairline. According to Vanity Fair, the operation took about ten hours. It left Jenner in so much pain that she had to be on large amounts of medication.

• Breast augmentation
When Caitlyn made her debut putting on a silky white basque, you could not help but notice her new 36D breast implants. The breast implant surgery was a huge step in the transformation. A close source of Jenner said that she chose smaller implants so that she does not look ridiculous. Jenner also said that the recovery process was not difficult, but she had to sleep in a recliner during the healing stage.

Caitlyn - photo session

photos courtesy:

• Cross- Sex hormone therapy 
The father of ten (including his step-children) who said that she would be free as soon as the Vanity Fair cover came out also had to go through hormone therapy as part of the journey. A top sex change doctor said that he could have been on heavy doses of estrogen as evidenced by a more feminine appearance, hairless physique, and enlarged breasts. Estrogen drives levels of testosterone down and the brain “feminizes” where a man starts to think like a women.

Choosing her name

One of the things that remained a mystery to the whole process was how she came up with her name. She told Vanity Fair that it was one of the most challenging decisions she had to make before coming out. She added that she had started thinking about it for more than two years. She drew inspiration while watching Miss America pageant to see if she would be interested in any of the contestants’ names. Cathy, Heather, and Caitlyn were among her favorites. She settled on Caitlyn after Rhonda her assistant also suggested the name. She opted to spell the name with a C instead of a K so as to break family tradition as well as media associations that were tied to it.

Important things to note about her new identity

Vanity Fairs cover story in June revealed that Jenner did not make the decision to become a woman overnight. Kris Jenner, the EX wife, said that he always acted feminine manicuring his nails, growing his hair long, and he also allegedly went through a tracheal shave a procedure that flattened his Adam’s apple. Below are five most valuable things you should know about the entire story.

1. Jenner always felt like a lady
At an early age of ten years, Jenner had already started showcasing a female identity. She would sneak clothes from her sisters and mothers closet, put on dresses and feel fascinated but afraid that someone else would find out. She kept the secret to herself until the early 1970s where she told Chrystie Crownover her then wife that she had always wanted to be a woman.

2. She underwent a couple of medical procedures 
During the mid to late 1980s, she had already started taking hormones that led to breast growth. She also had her body, and facial hair removed. Additionally she also underwent plastic surgery on the nose. It was only recently that she has a tracheal shave, breast augmentation, and facial feminization surgery.

3. Caitlyn did not reveal her sexual preference 
Bruce had exclusive relationships with ladies. Asked about sexual preference, Jenner said that she had no idea of what the future held. She also said that it did not matter at the moment citing that sex would be the last reason a person would go through gender transition. Bissinger also pointed out to readers that gender identity and sexual preference had nothing to do with each others.

4. Caitlyn said that she did not transition to start a reality show 
Most people thought that she was doing this to start a reality show. She insisted that this was not her intention, but she is also not naive. She claimed that she as not doing it for the money, but it was primarily to help her soul as well as other individuals out there. However, she did not have a problem making money from it as she said that she also has bills to pay. Jeff Olde E!’s head of programming also said that it was not a Kardashian spin-off.

5. Bruce was not always a “good” father 
Even though the reality show “ Keeping up with the Kardashians” portrayed him as an exemplary dad, it was not always the case. This is especially with his one daughter and three sons she had before getting married to Kris Jenner. She had abandoned her four older children missing out on crucial milestones like the birth of her daughter, birthdays, and graduations. His kids, however, showed empathy when interviewed despite their pain.