Male Liposuction: What Body Parts Men Get Lipo

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Did you know that guys have liposuction, too? It’s not an oft spoken of topic, but yes, men have liposuction on their different body parts. The stomach isn’t the only place men have treated. Just like women, men are worried about their appearance and want to look their best. Self esteem and confidence can be affected in men who have gained weight just like women. While men do not always talk about weight gain, you can bet it is on their mind when they look in the mirror. Also, just like women, genetics can play a large part in fat that just won’t come off for men. So, what are the top places for male liposuction? Do men have preferences for the areas they want or need treated?

male liposuction

Abdomen / Belly

Yes, belly fat is in this list. Men need to have a little extra help in the abdomen. We’re all famliar with the beer belly or ‘gut’. Not every guy that has a tummy drinks beer or any alcohol. So why be stuck with that? A trip to the surgeon can help get rid of this fat. After liposuction men can even choose to go further and have ab sculpting done.


Male thighs accumulate fat just like women. Liposuction of this area can be tricky, so a qualified surgeon must perform the procedure. Fibrous fat deposits, cellulite, cannot be removed,  but other fat can. A good surgeon can sculpt this area to enhance the natural male muscles.

Love Handles

As we age love handles become the bane of many. Removing the fat from this area can smooth the male physique and enhance self esteem. Men hate getting lumpy here and no one really wants or needs ‘handles’. This fat can be removed by traditional liposuction or by using laser assisted lipo – smart lipo.


While having other areas of the body sculpted, men can have the fat accumulated on their backs removed. This fat can be embarrassing, so removal can be important to increasing male self esteem and confidence. Laser lipo is a good choice for this area if the amount of fat to be removed is small.


Under and around the jawline is a very popular area for lipo. This area can be smoothed, firmed, and the profile sharpened. Just one treatment may be enough to change the profile or restore a youthful look. Gravity and age, along with a little extra weight can change the jawline and chin. Restoring that previous look is easy with lipo.