Help! My Breasts have Fallen and Can’t Get up

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As I age I find that my breasts; like the birds in winter, are migrating south. This is becoming an uncomfortable situation. This led me to the question: is cosmetic surgery a viable option to fix my problem. To determine the answer to the question I have to consider several factors

before and after mastopexy

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  • · Cost
  • · Safety
  • · Down time
  • · Results


The cost of cosmetic surgery is a major hindrance for many women. The average cost of a breast lift (referred to as mastoplexy) is $4700.00. Costs not included in that average are things like anesthesia, facility fees, and post-surgery medications and garments. Lifting the breast will often decrease the size of the breasts so many women opt to have augmentation at the same time. Breast Augmentation will add around $3500.00 to the total cost.


The risks of mastoplexy are very similar to undergoing any type of surgery. Complications may arise from anesthesia or the surgery itself. Additional risks can include reduced sensation in the breasts, asymmetry, and infection. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons recommend interviewing several surgeons to find one in which you feel comfortable. Make sure all of your concerns are addressed during the consultation and ask to speak with previous clients.


As a busy woman I cannot afford to be down for several days to heal from elective surgery. With many women in the same predicament it is good to know that the actual downtime after surgery is less than 2 days. Theoretically a woman can have surgery on a Friday and be back at work on Monday. There will be some post-surgery care that will need to be followed however, this can be done while continuing with a normal schedule. Specific questions regarding working out or sexual activity should be asked directly to the surgeon performing your procedure.


One of the most important questions that need to be answered is if the procedure will achieve the desired results. In my case a lift alone will not provide the results I am seeking. Lifting the breast will reduce the size of the breast to the point that I will no longer have cleavage. My surgeon will need to perform two plastic surgery procedures. A lift and augmentation, these can be performed in either two sessions or at the same time. Again the important factor is the surgeon; if you are choosing to have two procedures done you will need to ensure you choose an experienced surgeon.

Doing the leg work prior to plastic surgery has given me hope that my breasts may actually look better than they did when I was in my 20’s and that is an exciting thought.