Forecast: Warmer Weather Coming Soon, A Season For Body Sculpting

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Spring is officially upon us! As the weather warms up, now is a perfect time to consider body sculpting to get the physique, shape and contour you want before hot summer months!

Lipo sculpture has never been safer or easier with the latest surgical and non-surgical liposuction technologies, limiting risks and downtime for patients. Surgical options only require localized anesthesia, there are no stitches, because the tiny incisions heal and close within days. Pain, swelling and bruising are minimal. With non-surgical procedures, patients may require several treatments, and the results may not be as dramatic, but these procedures are also popular and affordable for patients.

Get Beach Body Curves and Pool Side Slender

Get Beach Body Curves and Pool Side Slender

Since the debut of SmartLipo in 2006, laser lipo procedures have been in demand. Most patients recover and heal quickly, allowing them to return to work and resume normal activities within days and weeks. It is now possible to have a procedure, with no down-time at all!

Here are some of the most popular surgical and non-surgical lipo devices used to remove unwanted fat and re-shape nearly any area of the body:


Smartlipo Triplex

LipoTherme and LipoControl

Vaser Lipo







Tickle Lipo

Liposonix Ultrasound

VelaShape and VelaSmooth


Determining the best lipo option for you depends on whether you want a surgical or non-surgical procedure to shape-up. Many surgeons and clinics offer both options for patients. Sono Bello Body Contouring Centers have locations, nationwide. Each Sono Bello physician has undergone extensive training and specialize exclusively in body contouring. Our passion is making ‘your problem areas’ a thing of the past! Check out their body sculpting offers here in many states, including: Scottsdale, Arizona, Los Angeles and Sacramento California, Austin and San Antonio Texas, Boston Massachusettes, Tampa and Orlando Florida, Philadelphia PA, Portland Oregon, Salt Lake City Utah, Seattle and Tacoma Washington, and there are more to come.


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