Facts to Know About Water Lipo

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The liposuction done to break down fat cells underneath the skin with the help of water jet is known as water lipo. Liposuction is a process of contouring and sculpting the specific areas of your body by removing excessive fat from their tissues. Virtually this process can be performed on any part of your body including hips, abdomen, back, buttocks, knees, thighs, upper arms, ankles and calves along with cheeks, neck and jowls etc to shape them up. In water lipo procedure the fat cells are removed from rest of the tissues with the help of water jet without making much traumatic condition so that you can recover quickly after the removal of fat from your skin.


Process of water lipo

In case the area to be treated with water lipo is small then local anesthesia is used while performing it but if the area is larger or the amount of fat to be removed is high then general anesthesia is used. An incision in the area to be treated is performed by the lipo surgeon after the your or specific area gets numbed with the effect of anesthesia. To reduce discomfort due to this process some surgeons also add lidocaine to the water before inducing it into the spot to be treated through water jet. The water is induced with a controlled pressure to break down fat cells to remove it easily through suction.

Recovery from water lipo

Most of the patients experiencing water lipo recover after a short while without using any pain killer. But some people need rest for one or two days after this treatment to return to their normal lifestyle. But for few weeks you should avoid lifting or participating in heavy activities for full recovery of treated areas.

Advantages of water lipo

Liposuction done through water jet helps in removing fat cells from nearby tissues also without damaging surrounding tissue. Lesser risk of tissue damage in this liposuction shortens the recovery period as it also reduces the chances of swelling, bleeding and bruising. By comparing the techniques used in traditional liposuction and water lipo it can be concluded that later one is milder than the former one as it causes lesser traumatic condition. Lesser time is needed for surgery and recovery after surgery in this process. It also causes lesser risk of post surgery complications like infection, swelling, bleeding and bruises etc.It also reduces the cost of treatment as patient can recover very soon.It can also be performed in delicate areas of your body like cheeks, neck etc. without any harm.Its effectiveness on various areas after single treatment ensures that no repetition will be needed to get better results.

Disadvantages of water lipo

Even after so many advantages water lipo has certain disadvantages also.

The accumulation of water in certain areas can show irregular results on your body.The collection of blood outside the vessels can also cause blood clotting after this process. Some temporary bruising and swelling can be experienced in some cases.

Thus water lipo is an effective process to remove fat from certain areas, if performed carefully.

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