4 Odd Places of the Body To Have Liposuction

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Does your scale seem to hate you? Even the one that has been your friend back at the gym has been throwing profanities at you every time you step on it. So you go and check your reflection in the mirror. Your tummy looks fine—it’s a little fuller than it usually is, but it is okay. Your hips, well they are their usual selves—round and a little plump. Your arms are just their regular flabby state, there are still medium-sized bat wings and they have not grown up to be pterodactyl wings yet. So what makes all the scales seem so upset? Look closely. Check a few details in the mirror, and try to forget first about the most obvious fat deposits on your body. Look at those areas that you have not been looking at for the past few months or so. Have they grown a little? Have they lost their old supple selves, and have they been replaced with limp, sagging, lifeless skin?

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You see, fats are not confined to just settling on the usual sections on your body. They don’t always go straight to your tummy or your lower abdomen or your hips or your butt or your thighs. Sometimes they make a detour, and they stay there. However, when all dieting and exercising efforts fail to make you lose weight and look slimmer, maybe you have to zoom in a little and look at the small details of your body. The good news is that undergoing liposuction procedure can make everything else get a whole lot better. Aside from the fact that liposuction procedure can attack your largest and more typical fat areas of the human body, it can also make a way to target the lesser known areas where fat can also settle. Who knows, you may not have to let your tummy undergo liposuction to look slimmer, maybe all you need to is shave a few small parts here and there to get the desired look you have always wanted.


Yep, your ankles are one of the most cunning, most secretive, most unnoticed stations where fat usually settles. You do not notice that a lot because when you give your body a run-down in front of the mirror, you get all busy looking at all the angles of your tummy right down to your thighs, but you never notice how rebellious your ankles can get. This is most especially so in the case of women who have been genetically predetermined to walk around carrying some loads of unnecessary and unwanted fats around their ankles.

When  you notice your ankles getting a little bit rounder than usual and you see it losing some of its natural cuts and edges, maybe it is high time for you to pay your cosmetic surgeon a visit and have him or her take a look at your ankle. A little liposuction procedure may be all it needs.

Face and Neck

Yep, your face needs some tender loving care that only your cosmetic surgeon is capable and credited to give. Both women and men suffer problems of fat deposits around the face, and this could even extend up to their necks. These are what we usually see as double chins or jowls in both men and women. For women, when they suffer from local deposits of what we call subcutaneous fat around the face and in the neck, they also get wrinkled skin. This however requires treatment beyond the liposuction procedure as the skin has been stretched beyond what it can usually do.


Okay, this might seem a little scary, but your knees also get victimized by stubborn fat deposits. The loose skin around your knee cap is usually a tell-tale sign that you have to go and visit the nearest cosmetic surgeon and ask him whether liposuction is recommended on this area of your body.