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Dr. J. Joffrey Dr. J. Joffrey, MD

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Nashville Liposuction Specialty Clinic
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5653 Frist Blvd, Suite 239
Hermitage, Tennessee

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About J. Joffrey

Brazilian Butt Lift

One of the latest procedures that have taken the world by storm is the Brazilian Butt Lift with Fat Transfer. Many people want to have a firmer, tighter and shapelier buttock, but do not want to undergo having actual implants surgically inserted. Since we are using your own body fat, the results are much more natural looking, and the procedure is safer, with a very quick recovery time. Most people can go back to work the next day.

At the Lift Body Center, we can take your unwanted fat and place it in the buttocks, where you do want it, giving you a more shapely figure. We can do this by utilizing our WaterLipo and Fat Transfer procedures, which are the best, safest and most effective and natural methods.

Since each of our procedures are customized for the patients, your Consultant and Surgeon will help determine the best shape and the size of the new butt you desire. Call us today at 1-800-LIPONOW to schedule a complimentary consultation today.

We are located in: Chicago, Denver, Milwaukee, Nashville, Las Vegas

Procedures Performed

  • Brazilian Butt Lift
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Fat Transfer
  • Smartlipo

Career Information

Medical Degree:
Northwestern University
University of California, San Francisco
University of Michigan Hospital